Phoenix Welcomes Beautiful New Mikvah in the Heart of Community

February 27, 2018

Phoenix, Arizona was the latest community to welcome a beautiful new mikvah – “Mikvah Birchas Malka” – that was built with the invaluable assistance of Mikvah USA.

Phoenix has a vibrant Orthodox community, with hundreds of families, several shuls, schools, a kollel, kiruv operations and more. Its warm weather and beauty also attract many Jewish visitors each year, especially during the winter. However, the original – and sole – community mikvah was aging and out of the neighborhood where many Orthodox families currently live. Reaching the mikvah was difficult – especially in scorching weather – and bringing additional Jews into the fold of taharah proved nearly impossible.

The new mikvah’s beauty and location are sure to transform these dynamics, b’ezras Hashem. The significance of this occasion was highlighted by the prestigious rabbanim who traveled to attend the Chanukas Habayis ceremony, including the Tenka Rav shlit”a of Boro Park and Rav Shalom Kamenetsky shlit”a, Rosh Yeshivas Philadelphia.

Emotions ran high amongst attendees as philanthropist Reb Mendy Feigenbaum – who dedicated the mikvah in memory of his mother a”h – cut the ribbon. It was more than just the beautiful mikvah doors that were opened – a glorious new chapter in Phoenix Jewish history began.

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