Mikvah USA is there every step of the way.

financial aid

The construction of an attractive, high standard mikvah is very costly – typically out of reach for small communities, as well as larger, financially struggling communities.

Per the dynamics of each community, Mikvah USA and its formidable network of donors contribute a significant sum towards each mikvah project, in addition to helping local community leaders organize successful fundraising efforts of their own.


Even communities that do have local mikvaos often see the facilities deteriorate with age, compromising both their physical state and kashrus. Mikvah USA helps these communities renovate their mikvaos to the highest standard of beauty and kashrus - a pleasant development for existing users and a red carpet invitation for potential new users.

halachic & technical guidance

The intricacies of building a kosher mikvah are typically beyond the scope of even the most competent halachic authorities, architects and contractors.

No one in North America has the level of halachic and technical expertise and experience in mikvah construction as the Mikvah USA team. At every step – from planning and excavation to tile selection – Mikvah USA offers the guidance and resources that turns dreams into realities.

mikvah inspections

Many mikvaos built prior to Mikvah USA’s existence – particularly in smaller, more remote communities – are of a questionable kosher standard, at best. Even mikvaos that were originally built at an acceptable standard often see their kashrus compromised after years of wear and tear.

Regardless of who originally built the mikvah, or where on the continent it is located, Mikvah USA conducts free halachic inspections. Mikvah USA then issues a kashrus certification, and/or assists with making necessary improvements. This offers the ultimate peace of mind to local community leaders and residents, as well to Jewish visitors in the area.


A major hurdle for many is the lack of knowledge and understanding regarding taharah and how it beautifies Jewish family life. Mikvah USA arranges taharah seminars for communities across the continent, featuring dynamic speakers and fabulous literature. Taharah becomes clear and appealing to locals – motivating countless families towards mikvah use.

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