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Mikvah USA was founded in 2004 by Rabbi Yitzchok Bistritzky shlit”a, a renowned talmid chacham and community activist.

Rabbi Bistritzky was pained at the knowledge that there are countless Jews in North America who forego taharah and a broader connection to Torah simply because they lack a proper local mikvah. Our rabbinical leaders throughout the generations have stressed how important it is for every Jewish community to have a mikvah, and how great the responsibility is upon each Jew to assist in this effort. Even if one has a beautiful mikvah in their own community, we share the responsibility to ensure that Jews in other communities do as well.

With incredible siyatta dishmaya, Rabbi Bistritzky’s sincere grassroots efforts have blossomed into the powerhouse that is Mikvah USA today. Mikvah USA is a professionally structured organization with a Board of Directors, project managers, halachic consultants, construction consultants, fundraising staff, donor base, speakers, literature and everything else necessary to bring a dream mikvah to fruition and spread taharah observance.

Year after year, Mikvah USA successfully completes several mikvah projects, and launches and/or progresses multiple others. The mission will only be complete when every Jew in North America will find it easy and appealing to adhere to the highest level of taharah.

our team

Rabbi Yitzchok Bistritzky shlit”a

Founder and President

An esteemed marbitz Torah and baal chessed, Rabbi Bistritzky dedicated himself to the cause of taharah after hearing that many North American Jewish communities lack a proper kosher mikvah. Rabbi Bistritzky initially went door to door to fundraise for what was then a novel cause. With incredible Siyatta Dishmaya, this grassroots effort quickly blossomed into a large and effective professional organization. Rabbi Bistritzky’s sincerity and dedication to the cause remain as pure as they were when he launched his one-man mission. He remains personally involved in the macro and micro of all Mikvah USA efforts – deriving inestimable fulfillment from every project.

board members

Mikvah USA is blessed with a Board of Directors comprised of community giants in their own right who share their wisdom and resources to assist in the cause of taharah at every step.

R’ Yossel Ausch, R‘ Shlomo Frand, R’ Moshe Greenfield, R‘ Moshe Grunhut, R’ Hershel Indig, R‘ Yoel Israel, Rabbi Eliezer Kestenbaum, R‘ Zelig Mendelowitz, R’ David Schreiber, R‘ Aryeh Wassner, R’ Yaty Weinreb

R’ Yossel Ausch

R’ Moshe Greenfield

R‘ Moshe Grunhut

R’ Hershel Indig

Rabbi Eliezer Kestenbaum

R’ Zelig Mendelowitz

R’ David Schreiber

R’ Aryeh Wassner

R’ Yaty Weinreb


Each Mikvah USA staff member is talented and dedicated to the successful implementation of the organization’s holy work.

Director of Special Projects: R’ Baruch Cywiak

Office Staff: R’ Levi Yitzchok Fishman, Dovid Moshe Werner

Construction Consultant: Mr. Moshe Breuer

Mechon Shaarei Tohar

Rabbi Yitschok Trieger - Director

Rabbi Yeshia Hershkowitz, Rabbi Yoel Poletchyk, Rabbi Shlomo Avraham Follman, Rabbi Nachman Horowitz

R’ Baruch Cywiak

R’ Levi Yitzchok Fishman

Mr. Moshe Breuer

Rabbi Yitschok Trieger

Rabbi Yeshia Hershkowitz

Rabbi Yoel Poletchyk

Rabbi Nachman Horowitz

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