Completion of sixty mikvaos marked at Mikvah USA Shabbos of Inspiration

February 6, 2018

Hundreds of guests were at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Stamford, Connecticut over the weekend of Parshas Yisro (February 2-4, 2018) to celebrate Mikvah USA’s first ever “Shabbos of Inspiration.” This special program celebrated the completion of sixty mikvaos in communities across North America, from New York City to Carolina, Puerto Rico. An additional forty-plus mikvah projects are currently in progress.

Mikvah USA’s leadership, askanim, rabbanim and supporters were in attendance, in addition to leaders of various communities whose spiritual landscape was transformed by a Mikvah USA mikvah and/or seminar. The atmosphere was enthusiastic as participants learned more about the intricacies of each community and project, and got a vivid feel of just how significant a difference Mikvah USA has made in just over fifteen years.

The weekend was chock full of inspirational tefillos, seudos and shiurim – with men’s and women’s tracks – graced by world renowned rabbanim and speakers, such as Rabbi Yissochor Frand shlit”a, Rabbi Shimon Zev Meisels shlit”a, Rabbi Nachman Yosef Twersky shlit”a, Rabbi Dovid Levy shlit”a, Rabbi Bentzion Klatzko, Rebbetzin Rochel Lubin, Rebbetzin Esther Twersky, Mrs. Miryam Swerdlov and Mrs. Chaya Lieberman. Kiruv activists Rabbis Ilan and Yaniv Meirov; Rabbi and Mrs. Shimon Kay; and Dr. and Mrs. Michael Cohen shared their experiences with Mikvah USA in their communities.

“This is the first Shabbos gathering since the times of Moshe Rabbeinu dedicated to taharah,” exclaimed Rabbi Yitzchok Bistritzky shlit”a, Founder and President of Mikvah USA. “We have gotten so much chizuk over Shabbos to continue in our mission to spread taharah across the continent.”

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