Construction Begins for Issaquah Mikvah; Marks New Era for Burgeoning Community

December 28, 2017

The ground for the new Issaquah, WA, mikvah has been broken at an emotional ceremony. Construction is now well underway.

Issaquah is home to the corporate headquarters of giants such as Amazon, Costco and Microsoft. This, in addition to its suburban nature and relative affordability, compared to nearby Seattle, have made Issaquah’s young population grow exponentially. The young Jewish community is growing by leaps and bounds as well, with 4,000 and counting members. Currently, the closest mikvah is over 20 minutes away, discouraging many locals from taharah.

Rabbi Shalom Farkash of Chabad of the Central Cascades is spearheading the project, with the active financial and logistical assistance of Mikvah USA. The positive ripple effects of the new mikvah can already be felt. At the groundbreaking ceremony, members of the mikvah design team undertook taharah observance. Many others will most certainly follow as the project progresses and is completed, b’ezras Hashem.

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