Boros Poured for New Mikvah in Monroe Township, NJ

January 25, 2021

Rabbi Yehuda Spritzer and other leaders of the Monroe, NJ, Jewish community were in attendance as crews poured concrete for the boros of the new mikvah that is being built in the beautiful Howard H. Berger Chabad House.

This suburban Middlesex County town has a very large Jewish community, numbering approximately 8,000 – over 400 are affiliated with Chabad.

A large senior community continually attracts new Jewish residents – but younger Jewish families move in as well, attracted by Monroe’s affordability and suburban quality of life. Rabbi and Rebbetzin Spritzer have been working aggressively to bring additional households under the wings of Taharah – some of them a literal once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

However, the lack of local mikvah – that Monroe residents see as their own – has been a great hindrance to these efforts. Mikvah USA has been working hand-in-hand with the Monroe community to build a beautiful, pleasant-to-use mikvah in the Chabad Center, which hundreds of locals so proudly affiliate with.

Mikvah construction has been proceeding at an effective pace. Rav Yitzchok Trieger shlit”a, Rosh Machon Shaarei Tohar – Mikvah USA; Reb Moshe Breuer, Mikvah USA’s construction consultant; joined local community leaders to supervise the pouring process. A distinct simcha permeated the air, as the community’s longtime dream rises before their eyes.

With the Boros poured, completion is expected within 6 months be”H!


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