After Years of Waiting, Boros Poured for Newtown Mikvah

January 25, 2021

The dream of hundreds of Jews who live in and around Newtown, PA – a Philadelphia suburb – is now very much within sight. Without fanfare, concrete for the boros of the new mikvah was poured – a substantial step towards the completion of the new mikvah.

The Newtown area is burgeoning with young Jewish families, bli ayin hora, mostly of Russian-Jewish descent. Approximately 10% of the town’s total population comes to Shul on Shabbos at the local Chabad Lubavitch of Bucks County. Some 200 children and growing, bli ayin hora, attend Hebrew School.

For years, the local community has been clamoring for a beautiful, spacious mikvah of its own. The mikvah in the area is aging and way too small to accommodate the community. Many residents opt to take the lengthy trip to Cherry Hill, NJ – where Mikvah USA helped complete a stunning mikvah.

Mikvah USA has been working hand in hand with the Newtown community for years to provide Jews what they deserve and raise the bar of Taharah. Plans for a spacious contemporary mikvah to be built at the local Chabad were finalized years ago. But a string of logistical challenges, and repeated delays, made the project far more complex than anyone anticipated. But Mikvah USA remained undeterred – stopping at nothing to build this mikvah at the best possible standard.

Be”H, they are now well on their way to doing so. Rav Yitzchok Trieger shlit”a, Rosh Machon Shaarei Tohar – Mikvah USA, was onsite to ensure that the boros were poured according to the most exacting Halacha standards. Reb Moshe Breuer, Mikvah USA’s construction consultant, was there to make sure that the construction was done as solidly and professional as possible. Rabbi Yudi Shemtov and other leaders of the local community were there as well to witness this inspiring step forward.

In addition, a group of Chabad Yeshiva bachurim and Kollel yungerleit – led by renowned Posek Rabbi Sholom Ber Shuchat – traveled in from Crown Heights to see a live demonstration of the Hilchos Mikvaos they’re learning.

The Newtown community and the extended Mikvah USA family looks forward to the mikvah’s completion be”H!

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