Scottsdale, AZ, Community Warmly Welcomes New Mikvah

December 6, 2018

At last, the vibrant and growing community of Scottsdale, AZ, has a beautiful mikvah of its own. On Thursday, Parshas Vayeitzei, the community gathered at the mikvah site to celebrate the Chanukas Habayis of the edifice, which is uniquely modern, upscale and comfortable.

The mikvah is affiliated with Congregation Beth Tefillah, a powerhouse in Scottsdale’s religious Jewish life – which features an active shul, and communal and educational programs. The Congregation, under the dynamic leadership of Rabbi and Rebbetzin Pinchas Allouche, has some 350 affiliated families – in addition to serving a large Jewish student population in the area.

Unfortunately, the lack of a local mikvah made taharah in Scottsdale a struggle. The nearest mikvah, located in Phoenix, is approximately a twenty-five minute drive each way. With the new mikvah, efforts to promote taharah and kiruv are expected to see a substantial boost.

As it has for over seventy other mikvaos across the continent, Mikvah USA was instrumental in bringing the Scottsdale mikvah to fruition – providing practical, financial and halachic assistance at every step. Rabbi Yitzchok Bistritzky shlit”a, Founder and President of Mikvah USA, personally attended the Chanukas Habayis. Addressing the community, Rabbi Bistritzky exclaimed, “Mikvah USA extended itself to great lengths to help you build this beautiful mikvah. We’d like to encourage you to make great use of it!”

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