In Coronavirus Hotspot, Boros are Poured and Construction Continues Full Speed

July 15, 2020


As Coronavirus raged through the Southwestern United States, Mikvah USA’s work to spread taharah to every corner of the continent continues full force.

In Henderson, NV, on the outskirts of Las Vegas, the boros were poured for a beautiful new mikvah – the first ever mikvah in this fast-growing Jewish community. As a safety precaution, this “ceremony” was held via Zoom. Construction workers poured the cement, with Rabbi Michael Paris of Ahavas Torah Center of Henderson in attendance. The Mikvah USA team, including the Rav Hamachshir, HaRav Yitzchok Trieger, shlit”a, Dayan, Machon Shaarei Tohar, Mikvah USA, monitored the process virtually from New York.

This ceremony was particularly poignant, as it is the first of its kind to take place since the Coronavirus pandemic hit the US and brought life to a virtual standstill. It also came after a series of local construction complications delayed the Henderson pouring. Now, with this crucial milestone behind us, construction continues full speed ahead. The final stage of construction, when the mikvah is filled with mei geshamim, is expected to be reached within weeks, iy”H. The Otzer Mei Geshamim has already been completed and arrangements have already begun to bring mei geshamim to this arid desert area – which is a halachically complex process.

“These are historically challenging times, but Mikvah USA remains as committed as ever to taharas Yisroel,” says Rabbi Yitzchok Bistritzky, shlit”a, Founder and President, Mikvah USA. “We eagerly look forward to seeing the Henderson kehillah with a mikvah of its own in the near future, be”H.”

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