Beautifully Renovated Mikvah Opens Doors In Memory of Ezra Schwartz a”h Hy”d

December 28, 2017

A cross section of the local Jewish community assembled to celebrate the Chanukas Habayis of the newly expanded and renovated mikvah in the tight knit Boston suburb of Sharon. The old mikvah’s deteriorating condition has made it effectively unusable. Mikvah USA was an invaluable partner in every aspect of the expansion/renovation project.

It was particularly poignant for the Sharon community to have the mikvah dedicated in memory of Ezra Schwartz a”h Hy”d, a local beloved Yeshiva student who was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist in Gush Etzion. This dedication was made at the initiative of Mikvah USA supporters Mr. and Mrs. Melly Lifshitz and Mr. and Mrs. Eric Sternberg of New York, who had never even met Ezra or his family members at the time.

The Bostoner Rebbe shlit”a and other rabbanim from the region, as well as Rabbi Yitzchok Bistritzky shlit”a, Rabbi Baruch Cywiak and other Mikvah USA representatives personally joined the festivities, which marks a new era in Sharon’s history. Our mission is to break the ice in our hearts, and light a fire instead, to fulfill this mitzvah with warmth and zeal, Rabbi Bistritzky exclaimed. With Hashem’s help, Mikvah USA will continue bringing light into communities across America.

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