After Seven Years, Glenbrook Mikvah Opens Its Doors to Elated Community

December 28, 2017

It was in 2010 when Northbrook, IL resident Josh Nankin took upon himself the difficult task of building a mikvah in this fast growing Chicago suburb, which did not have a mikvah of its own. Local Rabbanim Rabbi Yehoshua Karsh of Darchei Noam and Rabbi Meir Moscowitz of Chabad were enthusiastically on board.

The road was long and riddled with obstacles, related to everything from fundraising to construction. However, Josh and his peers did not relent. With the help of Hashem and His emissaries particularly Mikvah USA the Solomon and Dora Einhorn Glenbrook Mikvah is now complete. The mikvah is attractive, upscale and very pleasant to use. The building is named after Mrs. Ellen Rosenblatt Avner a”h, Josh’s mother in law.

Members of the Northbrook community saw the Chanukas Habayis as a personal celebration, one that will pay inestimable dividends towards the future of the community. Conveying the thoughts of his friends and neighbors, Mr. Nankin stated, None of this could be possible without the work of Rabbi Yitzchok Bistritzky and Mikvah USA.  Many of the donors from Mikvah USA have flown in from New York to witness this event first hand and to each of you I say thank you so much.

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