Rhode Island Community Mikvah Mikvah Nachman Vraizel

mikvah location

Providence, RI

Affiliated Congregation


Distance To Nearest Mikvah

25 Miles

Grand Opening


Mikvah Info

  • Address: 401 Elmgrove Ave, Providence, RI 02906, United States
  • Phone: 401-621-9119 option 6,7

The Providence Story

Providence has an established Jewish community, with six Orthodox shuls, a Day School system, kosher food establishments and more. Providence’s affordability, attractiveness and economic opportunity make the city a magnet for new Jewish residents. The city’s sole mikvah served the community faithfully for decades. When the mikvah’s condition was clearly deteriorated, it became virtually impossible to bring more of the city’s 18,000 Jews into the tenets of taharah and beyond. Following the renovation of the Providence mikvah, with the intimate involvement of Mikvah USA, a new chapter has begun for the Providence community – with the potential for local taharah observance to double or more, b’ezras Hashem!

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