Tzedaka Tatzil Mi’Maves

November 28, 2017

When I visited Miami I was invited by the Sephardic community there to look into the possibility of building a mikvah. On the way, I saw a small sports car that had been hit by a large truck. The emergency workers were attempting to reach those in the car. It was a frightening sight. I told my driver that I hoped there was no one we knew there, as it was very doubtful that anyone had survived.

When we arrived at our destination, Mr. S. T. told me the following story: “For six months I have been trying to get Reuven, a wealthy man to donate a million dollars for the building of a mikvah. I would also give a million dollars, so that together we would have two million. Just this morning he agreed”.

He added, “Reuven has two daughters, one is sixteen and the other is seventeen. They were traveling on the highway, and survived a crash miraculously”.

When they came to recite the bracha of HaGomel, it became clear that this was the vey crash we had seen. The accident had occurred shortly after their father had agreed to donate a million dollars for the construction of the mikvah.
(Yemai Tohar “Agadah” ch. 2)

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