The Mikvah as a Super Salesman

November 28, 2017

Mr. J. was approached for a donation to a mikvah. After hearing about the tremendous zechus of this mitzvah, and how the merit of the mikvah had helped so many people, he was inspired to pledge $5,000.

The very next evening, the askan who had solicited the donation from Mr. J.,  received an interesting phone call.  He also got another story to add to his collection.

“Listen to this!” said Mr. J. excitedly.  “I had a commercial building that I have been trying to sell for a very long time, but I couldn’t find a buyer.  The very next day after your visit, A man I had never seen before, not only agreed to buy the building, but offered me much more than I had originally wanted for it! I am increasing my pledge to $18,000!”

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