Healing Power of the Mikvah

November 28, 2017

Hagaon R’ Moshe Neuschloss, z”l once visited  a well-to-do man to solicit a donation for the mikvah.  The rav asked the man for $25,000, but the latter hesitated, he began to explain that he could not donate such an amount.

R’ Neuschloss replied that for the mikvah, one must exert himself even if it is difficult, and assured the man that he would be amply rewarded for his contribution with “kol melei d’meitov” , with everything that is good.

When the man heard this, he revealed that the doctors had just discovered that his wife had a malignancy, r”l, and she desperately needed a refuah.  If the Rav would give his blessing the man would be willing to donate the entire amount which was requested of him.  He made out a check for $25,000, and the Rav gave him his beracha.

A short while later, the man’s wife went for a medical examination, the doctor expressed his amazement.  The malignancy had vanished —The woman was completely cured!!  The man returned to the Rav, and with tears in his eyes thanked him profusely for his help. The Rav in his simplicity, replied modestly, “You really don’t have to thank me.  Such is the power of the Mikvah!”

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