Finding a Zivug

November 28, 2017

A woman who was close to thirty had just become a kallah. The lady who had given her kallah lessons mentioned to her that it would be appropriate for her at this time to make a generous donation to the Mikvah.

When the kallah heard this, she started to laugh. “Let me tell you about my experience with the Mikvah,” she replied with a big smile.
“As I was getting older and I had not as yet found my zivug, my father suggested to me that I make a contribution to a Mikvah being built. Many people had already been helped through the great zchus of this mitzvah, and it could help me as well.
“I followed my father’s suggestion, and wrote out a large check to the Mikvah. A week later, I met the young man who soon became my chosson!”

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