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Mikvah USA supports the establishment and rebuilding of mikvaos in communities across America.  Mikvah USA helps communities bring mikvah projects to fruition, thus strengthening their connection with God, their Jewish identity and their heritage. Our goal is to fulfill communities' needs for mikvaos through construction, funding, and education.


  • Mikvah USA was born out of the call for kosher mikvaos around the United States. Its stated mission is to make it possible for every Jewish family to access a local and inviting mikvah.
  • Mikvah is an integral component of Jewish life and a fundamental of Jewish continuity. Jews throughout history sacrificed in order to build mikvaos wherever they lived. The dearth of Mikvaos in the United States challenges our Jewish identity and Mikvah USA is determined to protect that identity.
  • Family purity is a pillar of Jewish life, yet there is a lack of funding for the establishment and rebuilding of mikvaos—a critical vessel in the purity of our people. As a result, the spiritual well-being of American Jewry is jeopardized.
  • Mikvah USA projects bring families to taharas hamishpacha (family purity). Jewish families may keep kosher, Shabbos, and attend shul yet be hampered in their efforts to observe the laws of family purity due to the practical and emotional challenges of using distant mikvaos. By constructing local, accessible, kosher mikvaos, Mikvah USA helps Jewish families realize the obligation of taharas hamishpacha and the spiritual fulfillment bestowed by the mikvah ritual.
Mikvah USA is America’s only organization for the establishment of mikvaos through construction, funding and education – Bringing mikvah projects to fruition.

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