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To request that Mikvah USA provide technical, halachic, or financial assistance to a Mikvah construction project in your area, please complete and submit this preliminary application below:
City and State:
Contact person:
Contact phone:
Name of Congregation:
Congregation affiliation: Chabad OU
Young Israel Other
Full location of the mikvah being built/renovated
Number of member families:
Rabbi’s name:
Rabbi’s contact phone #:
Rabbi’s e-mail:
Approximate number of Jews in area:
Distance to nearest Mikvah:
Nearest Mikvah phone:
Distance to second nearest Mikvah
Second nearest Mikvah Phone:
Number of people traveling to mikvah:
How many will make use of the new mikvah:
Project amount of NEW mikvah users:
Is mikvah part of a bigger project? Yes   No
Estimated cost of mikvah:

If applicable:

Status to date:
Who is providing Rabbinic oversight for the mikvah?
Fundraising to date: Pledged  Raised
Projected completion date:
Other comments:


Mikvah USA primarly supports projects whose completion will promote taharas hamishpacha.

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